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Why You Should Care About Alzheimer’s

2 Feb

Alzheimer’s Disease.

We’ve all heard about it, some of us may remember a loved one who had the disease, and a few of us may be or have been caretakers for those loved ones.

It’s hard to think about Alzheimer’s, I get that.  It’s hard for the young to think about growing old, about dying, and even harder to think about being old with no idea who you and those around you are.  No one wants to think about it, but we must.

So why should you care about it? 

  • Alzheimer’s is the SIXTH leading cause of death in the U.S.  And there’s currently nothing we can do about it.

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Moving Forward

1 Feb

Since it’s been so long since I have posted on my blog, it’s basically like starting over for me, but with more content for new visitors to read.

I considered cleaning house and getting rid of all but the best posts, but I don’t think I will, as it’s the only account I have for different times in my life.  I think I’ll keep it.

I’ve got a few ideas I’m knocking around regarding my blogs, though.  Firstly, for this blog, I am considering a series of posts on some topic yet to be chosen (perhaps Strong Women in History, or Frugal Sundays… it’s still an idea in progress).  I am also considering a personal – accountability series, wherein I pledge to do something, and blog about my progress.

Over on Scribe-ly (my writing blog) I write posts in response to writing prompts from Today’s Author already, but that’s not enough.  I may start doing Poetry Tuesdays.

For both blogs I am starting a Friday Favorites series, wherein I compile a list of favorite posts over the previous week and share them with my readers.  If you have a blog post you would like to recommend for the Friday Favorites series, please send an email to KraftedKhaos at with ‘Friday Favorites Recommendation’ in the subject line.

Do you have themes or a series of posts on your own blog?  Is there a series you would be interested in reading? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments!

Refreshing The Reader

31 Jan

Since it’s been so long since I have actively posted to my blog, I completely expected to have non-existent stats.  Obviously.  I had abandoned the few who came to visit me for two years.

What I wasn’t expecting was to have to find more blogs to follow for myself!

My reader was basically two bloggers who still post from two years ago, and that simply would not do!  Reading others’ posts inspires me, it challenges me, and it’s just plain interesting.

I’ve switched my primary blog from this blog to my other blog, Scribe-ly, which focuses more on my writing (prompts, poems, etc).  But it’s still nice to have somewhere to just share my thoughts.  I’ve already proven that I’m pretty much incapable of following the original ‘theme’ of this blog, so it is now basically a journal of sorts, instead of free, fun and interesting things!

So, here’s to connecting with new blogs, re-kindling some old contacts, and trying to get back on the bloggin’ wagon!

Some Things Never Change

31 Jan

Okay, so maybe some things don’t change.

I’m still about as reliable as rain when it comes to posting on this thing.  But also like the rain, I do eventually return!

That business I was talking about, it never got off the ground.  I thought I had done my homework, but I hadn’t, and the costs just kept piling on until I realized that at this point in my life, it just wasn’t feasible for me.

Oh, well.  Life goes on.

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Life & Business

11 Aug

So, I’ve been busy busy busy working to get my business up and going, and have hardly had time to shower, much less post anything!  My apologies to all.  I love my blog, and I love my readers, but I’ve simply GOT to have some cash flow, and due to the hinky hours I keep because of my Love’s work schedule, doing my own thing was pretty much the only option I had.

The research phase of starting a business, while a royal pain in the butt, is absolutely vital to avoid costly mistakes (or at least avoiding a few of them) and making bad decisions… so while I would love to be here, with you guys, I need money a little more at this point in my life.

Just know that I have NOT abandoned you, forgotten about you or otherwise.  Just trying to get my business up and running!

Will try to keep updating!

8 Hours for 10 Minutes… I’m Almost Ashamed

21 Sep

I’d love to explain why I just spent the last EIGHT hours on a 10 minute YouTube video, but I can’t.

Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m stubborn, and refuse to let much of anything get the better of me.

Perhaps it’s just because I’ve never made a YouTube video before, and I just didn’t know what I was doing.

Perhaps it’s because I was bored.

In reality, it’s a little bit of all three, plus a few more for good measure, but, I honestly did just waste the last eight hours on a video that consisted of two slides, a title and credits, and a dual layer soundtrack, and most likely will be full of negative comments within 24 hours (YouTube-ers are notoriously mean in the comments, I’ve noticed!).

BUT, that still does not stop me from feeling a sense of pride, as well as accomplishment, for doing something I’ve never done before, and doing it passably well… at least, in my own opinion.

It’s me explaining a relaxation technique I use to get to sleep sometimes when my mind just won’t shut off… sometimes it works immediately, sometimes it takes a while, but I promise, if you attempt this technique long enough, you WILL fall asleep… eventually 😉

If anyone was interested in checking it out, it can be found here.  It features my artwork, and the music from the singing plants CD I bought the other week.

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