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Why You Should Care About Alzheimer’s

2 Feb

Alzheimer’s Disease.

We’ve all heard about it, some of us may remember a loved one who had the disease, and a few of us may be or have been caretakers for those loved ones.

It’s hard to think about Alzheimer’s, I get that.  It’s hard for the young to think about growing old, about dying, and even harder to think about being old with no idea who you and those around you are.  No one wants to think about it, but we must.

So why should you care about it? 

  • Alzheimer’s is the SIXTH leading cause of death in the U.S.  And there’s currently nothing we can do about it.

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Does The Clock Control Your Compassion?

12 Mar

ClockIf you’ve followed me for a while, or paged through my posts, you may or may not have noticed the fact that I almost never reblog posts from other people’s pages (I believe I may have reblogged one post out of nearly 100).  Part of this is because I strongly feel that my blog should consist of my own work, not just be a showcase for other people’s writing.  Another reason is that if a post has enough of an impact on me that I consider reblogging it, then I usually have plenty of commentary about it.  My preferred method of sharing the work of others that provokes a response from me is by writing about it, and linking to it.  I ran across one such post today on a blog I greatly enjoy reading, Cauldrons and Cupcakes, entitled Lessons on Waiting and Being Delayed.

Often, we get so caught up in our daily lives and to-do lists that we forget that other people are more than just obstacles we must navigate around.  We have become numb to the pain and suffering of our fellow man, and our ability to empathize has atrophied to the point that it is only engaged by those who occupy our immediate circle of friends and family, and those rare moments when we’re unable to turn our heads from the abject suffering on our television screens. Continue reading

Inspiring Teen Refuses To Let Her Dreams Go Up In Smoke

11 Mar
Joy Graves, in her firefighting gear.

Joy Graves, in her firefighting gear.

The girl beneath the helmet...

The girl beneath the helmet…

When you ask most young girls what they want to be when they grow up, you might expect to hear things like “An actress”, “A Veterinarian”, maybe even “The President”.  If you ask Joy Graves, a 19-year-old from a small, rural county outside Williamsburg, Virginia what she wants to be when she grows up, you just might be surprised when you hear the answer.

At 5’2″, her petite frame appears more suited to pom poms than a fire hose, but the young Ms. Graves is a testament to the old adage ‘Never judge a book by its cover’, because her dream is to become Continue reading

Hunger – A Preventable Tragedy

20 Aug
Garbage, Beijing

Garbage, Beijing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you know what happens to that perfectly good double cheeseburger that you ordered with no pickles when you return it to the fast food restaurant because they put pickles on it?  Well, if they don’t break the rules and just toss it back under the heat lamp for the next customer, they toss it.

Perfectly good food, tons of it, gets tossed in the garbage every single night all around the world.  Why?  Because our laws are set up that way.

If a restaurant makes too much food (and they do every single day) the law says that for them to get a better tax break on the ‘loss’, they must throw it in the trash.  If they donate it to the needy – the poor, the homeless – they don’t get a break on their taxes due to Uncle Sam (or if they do, it’s not comparative to the ‘loss’ tax break).  In addition, they put LOCKS on their garbage containers, to intentionally prevent the hungry that are willing to sacrifice their dignity and dig through garbage for food from reaching it.  In fact, should someone decide to breach these holy bastions of garbage to relieve the ache in their bellies, they can be arrested for stealingContinue reading

Art With A Heart – Giving Back

17 Aug

Art With A Heart

I’ve decided to donate 25% of the purchase price of my art to either charity or committing acts of kindness.

Everyone I’ve spoken to about how to price my art has told me to take my production cost and multiply it by three, and that should be my sale price.  While I obviously need the production cost to produce more artwork, the remaining 2/3 of the price is for my time, equipment upkeep, etc. so obviously, at least for the equipment part, I need to keep some money for myself, and I need to pay a few bills.  Outside of that, I don’t need the money, personally, and I think it would be a great idea to use that money for doing good.  (I should note here that the first few sales will need to all go back into production cost, because I can’t afford to professionally ‘produce’ more than one at a time at the moment, and having several on hand to show prospective local buyers is likely to garner more sales in the end than having just one- I figure the first four ought to cover it.)

I’ve decided to split that 25% into two parts, and donate the first half to charity and the second half to committing acts of kindness (or do you guys think I should just put all of it toward charity?  Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!)

One of my favorite charities of all time is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  If you can afford treatment or are insured, you of course are charged, but if a child is sick and their family doesn’t have the money to pay for treatment, they are not turned away, they are treated thanks to donations from people all over the country.  It is absolutely one of the most worthy causes I know of, and is the first charity to which I will donate through sales of my art.

Below are examples of my artwork.  All of my work comes from my own photographs, which I then digitally alter in a series of steps (sometimes more than 50 different processes) to arrive at the end result.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my art, please feel free to contact me at kraftedkhaos@gmail.com for pricing information or details.  All art will come matted and in a protective sleeve.  I have others, and there are more to come.  Please share this with anyone you know who may be interested in participating, or may simply be interested in my type of artwork.  I will have a website as soon as I have sold a few pieces and can afford to purchase a domain name and pay someone to create it for me.  At the moment, I can only accept Paypal (or cash if you’re local).

You can click (or right-click to open in a new tab or window) to see enlarged views (some of these definitely lose something in the translation, so I apologize).

The very last picture is the one I gave to my mom as a gift… don’t blame me for the frame, she picked it out, I just gave it to her matted… but it at least gives an idea of what they look like off screen. 🙂

Mystery of Life

Mystery of Life

Psychedelic Shroom

Psychedelic Shroom

Uplifting Outlook

Uplifting Outlook



Star Attraction

Star Attraction

Technical Tulip

Technical Tulip



My artwork, in a really bad frame!

My artwork, in a really bad frame!

The Only True Lack In Our World Today

15 Aug
Exchange Money Conversion to Foreign Currency

Exchange Money Conversion to Foreign Currency (Photo credit: epSos.de)

We are led to believe that there is scarcity in this world, and that is a lie.  The only thing there is a shortage of is money.  The goods are there, the food is there, the power (solar, water, geothermal) is there.  The only lack we have on this earth is lack that was created by those who wanted to have, while others had not.

What is the only thing standing between the homeless and a home?  Money – the materials exist, they simply cannot afford them. Continue reading

Bring Random Acts of Kindness Home

12 Aug
The Great Kindness Challenge Logo

The Great Kindness Challenge Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We often forget that Random Acts of Kindness are not limited to strangers. While yes, it is always a good feeling (as the giver or recipient) for one stranger to help another, we should not forget that those we know are often the ones most in need of AoK from us, specifically.

The old saying ‘Familiarity breeds contempt’ is true in the fact that we often tend to take for granted those that are closest to us.  We come to expect to be treated a certain way, or have things done for us, or begin to forget to go the extra mile because we don’t need to ‘make nice’ to those who are around us all the time.

Sometimes it means the most to those we’ve personally neglected, or those who have always taken care of us.  These people can include our parents, our children, our spouses, and our closest friends.

A perfect example of this is the A.o.K. that my Love committed that I shared in this post.  If anyone else had done this for me, yes, I would have appreciated it.  I would have been grateful, said thank you, and had a smile on my face all day, but it wouldn’t have been able to compare to the joy and happiness I felt by that unexpected and yes, random, act of thoughtfulness coming from the man I adore.  Nothing could have compared. Continue reading

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