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Point Me In The Right Direction?

17 Aug

Hi, guys.  I’m sorry to put this out here on you, but I really don’t know where else to turn.

As you see, I just posted about my art and my decision to donate 25% of my proceeds to charity/acts of kindness.  What I need your help with (in the form of suggestions, tips, pointers, etc.) is how to get people interested enough in my artwork to want to purchase it?

I figured already that I would need to have matted (at the minimum) copies of several pieces to show prospective buyers, but what else can/should I be doing to help generate more sales?  My town doesn’t really have a lot of festivals and things where starving, unknown artists can set up a table and peddle their wares (or if they do, they’ve kept the secret really well!)  I already plan to create a website, also, as soon as I (again!) make enough sales to cover the cost of a domain name and the services of a website designer.

So how about it?  Anyone have any ideas on how to help me generate sales?

The eBay Paradox

24 Jul
Image representing eBay as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Edited to add: Two more listings to Ebay, links located at bottom of article

So, last night, I made an account on eBay.  I know, I know… I’m behind the times, but I’d never had a reason to have an account.  One should have money before one creates an account on a website that sells things, right?  Well, last night, I decided it was time;  not to buy things, but to sell.

I’ve (obviously) never sold anything on eBay before, but I decided to give it a shot because I had some really interesting and/or pretty prints to sell.  So far, I’ve only made one listing (which can be found here).  It took forever for me to write a description of the piece that I was happy with (several hours, in fact), because I wanted to be as open and honest as possible, while still sounding professional, which brings me to my first eBay paradox. Continue reading

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