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93 Days and 17 hours… and a Kitten.

24 Feb

That’s how long it has been since my last cigarette.

That’s right, so far there’ve been NO slip-ups for me!  I am officially three months smoke free, and my Love has gone his first full 24 hours without a cigarette.  He hasn’t quit, but he has still cut back significantly, and finally says he actually wants to quit.

I am so proud of him.

I am so proud of ME!

I have passed on approximately 3,748 cigarettes (~187 packs), which equals to roughly $637.00.

YAY, me!

Okay, enough tooting my own horn.  On to the cute stuff!

Lucky, my kitten (who isn’t really ‘kitten’ size anymore).  I did promise to have pictures (and I do) however, the only ones that are on the computer are from when we first got him, so you will see the ‘ball-o-fluff’ photos for now.

Lucky's First Bath

Lucky’s First Bath

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Not Even Death Can Stop Beauty

20 Oct

Photo I took this week during the wake for my grandmother.





Even in death, we are able to find beauty when we look outside ourselves.

The Woman Behind The Keyboard

18 Aug

aka, Meet the Author

Hey, guys!  I just thought that perhaps it was time to give you all a peek behind the ‘curtain’ so to speak.  Give you a face to put with the words.  (Photos at the end of the post)

I’m not especially good at talking about myself, but I’ll start with the basics.  I just turned 33 recently.  I don’t have children, and I don’t expect to at this point.  I was married for a little over 5 years in my early twenties, and divorced by 27.  Nothing wrong with the guy, other than he just wasn’t the one for me;  I was in love with the idea of being married, and jumped the gun.  Currently, I am working on two years with a wonderful man who I adore very much, and we live together in a home we rent not far outside of Richmond, VA along with a housemate that he’s known since high school. Continue reading

More Photography…

22 Jul

Apparently pictures really are worth a thousand words.  Pictures and posts about weight loss.  After reviewing my ‘Likes’ on posts I’ve made, the top two topics are my photos/photography posts, and my posts about weight loss.  Since weight loss is a hit or miss subject with me, I’ll make another post sharing some of my lens work.

I don’t proclaim to be a great shutterbug, but I have been told I have a natural eye.  So, here are a few more of my pictures, and I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed snapping them!

Post edited to add:  Only the second and third photo have been edited.  The first and last are exactly as I shot them, no ‘doctoring’.

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When You Can’t Find The Words…

20 Jul

You know, they say a picture is worth a thousand words… so I thought that as long as I don’t have many words to type, perhaps I can show them in some of my work…  I hope you enjoy these pictures… (Click the Continue Reading link to see all photos)

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