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Beach Photography

14 Oct

So, I had a great weekend at the beach, even though it was cloudy and rainy most of the time.  I did manage to get a few decent pictures, though, so without further ado:

(Click to view larger image, right-click to open image in a new tab.)  Don’t forget to check out Beach Photography II when you’re finished for more photos!

Pelicans in flight, early morning.

Pelicans in flight, early morning.

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The Woman Behind The Keyboard

18 Aug

aka, Meet the Author

Hey, guys!  I just thought that perhaps it was time to give you all a peek behind the ‘curtain’ so to speak.  Give you a face to put with the words.  (Photos at the end of the post)

I’m not especially good at talking about myself, but I’ll start with the basics.  I just turned 33 recently.  I don’t have children, and I don’t expect to at this point.  I was married for a little over 5 years in my early twenties, and divorced by 27.  Nothing wrong with the guy, other than he just wasn’t the one for me;  I was in love with the idea of being married, and jumped the gun.  Currently, I am working on two years with a wonderful man who I adore very much, and we live together in a home we rent not far outside of Richmond, VA along with a housemate that he’s known since high school. Continue reading

Photography Challenge For Everyone (and me)!

23 Jul
Category:Wikipedia requested photographs of ph...

Category:Wikipedia requested photographs of photography (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We didn’t actually make it over to my parent’s house the other day for me to take some pictures.  This blog post reminded me that we don’t always need great scenery or spectacular events to see beauty, and that the challenge of photography isn’t in capturing the extraordinary, but in capturing the ordinary, in an extraordinary way.

I’ve challenged myself to take my camera out today and take pictures
of ‘ordinary’ things, that I either don’t usually ‘see’, or things I see
all the time, but viewed in a different way, and I offer the same challenge to whoever reads this post… pull out your camera and look at the world differently, post your image(s), and leave me a comment with the link or a pingback.  I will do my best to comment on all of them, and will post links for as many as I can.

I hope you all take me up on it! I’ll be posting my pictures later today!

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