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Singing Plants – This Is Amazing!

10 Sep

This is the most amazing thing I think I’ve ever seen/heard… it was all I could do not to cry while listening to this.  Please give it a look, and let me know what you think in the comments!

Did you hear how the music changed for each person?  I just can’t get over this!

I found the link to this video here, when I was searching the benefits of singing to plants… little did I know that the plants would be singing to ME!

I just bought the CD they made with the music of the plants, if you are interested in purchasing it also, it can be found here, on the left side of the page about halfway down, under the heading ‘Plant and Music Study’.

Extraordinary Tuesday (Photography Challenge Photos)

23 Jul

So, earlier today, I challenged you guys, and myself, to go out and take pictures of everyday things, and different angles.  I’m not sure how well I did with the challenge, I guess I’ll let you all be the judge of that.  Be sure to click the ‘Continue Reading’ link to see all the photos!

Falling Upstairs

Falling Upstairs



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