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Art & Life Updates, A Fire In My Kitchen

18 Sep

I know I’ve been all over the map lately, and I apologize for that, however, my life has been all over the map, so of course my blog will reflect that. 🙂

I’m excited to get my hands on the 4×5 set of my artwork that I ordered the other day (it should be in either today or tomorrow).  I’m excited to see how it looks, and to get it in an album to show off to people, and to show potential buyers what I’ve got.

I managed to get a few more photos that have potential to be turned into artwork, but as of yet, I haven’t had a chance to upload them to my computer, much less work with them. Continue reading

Updates & Homemade Bread

17 Sep

WARNING! – This post will probably make you REALLY want a sandwich!

Hey guys!  Sorry I’ve been MIA lately, I’ve just had LOTS of stuff going on in the offline world 🙂

My Love has gotten a new job that he wanted, he started today (and those of you who have followed for a while know that when he’s home, I’m not online much, lol).

This past weekend, I was out in the hayfield all day, BOTH days, and I have finally understood the love affair my parents seemed to have with Icy Hot!  After a long day throwing 75 lb. hay bales up onto a moving trailer, then pulling them back off again to stack them in a barn, Icy Hot was my best friend.  It helped so much, in fact, that I didn’t have to take any pain medication at all for my shoulders, back or knees (all of which were screaming in protest!).  This is the first year doing hay that I didn’t take any pain medication whatsoever.

Before we started doing the hay on Saturday, I did get a few shots with my camera, which I will be checking out sometime soon to see if any will be able to be made into ‘art’.  Speaking of, I did manage to get by the print shop yesterday and ordered a 4×5 set of all of my work, so that I will have a set of my art ready to show people that isn’t on my phone or my laptop, lol.  As far as my art display goes, I haven’t gotten a chance to sit down with the woman to narrow down which pieces to use in her gallery/shop and work out sizes, because she’s been out of town.

Now I know you’re all wondering about my title and when I’m going to get to the ‘Homemade Bread’ part of my post, well, wait no longer!

While we were out and about last weekend, my Love and I stopped at subway and got a sandwich.  I thought about how much I like their Parmesan Oregano bread, and decided that I’d like to try my hand at making some, to see how it would turn out, and let me just say… YUM!  I found the recipe for this bread here, and when she says it’s difficult to write about the bread because they’ve eaten it all and there’s none left in the kitchen, I believe her.  She’s done a fantastic job of replicating it, and I am eternally grateful to her for sharing it with the rest of us!  A word of caution, though… I think there is an error on the TEMPERATURE, at least in US ovens.  250 for 30 minutes left me with a pale, undercooked loaf, I ended up cranking up the temp to get it to brown.  I’m going to try this recipe again and experiment with the temps, because 250 is definitely not the right temp in my oven!

First Attempt, Parmesan Oregano Bread, reminiscent of Subway.

First Attempt, Parmesan Oregano Bread, reminiscent of Subway.

This is a photo of a loaf from my first attempt… I will admit that there were two loaves originally, but, well, let’s just say I couldn’t wait to try it and the first loaf disappeared VERY quickly!  This attempt turned out better than my second attempt.  I’m not sure what I did wrong the second time, but I’m thinking it was either too much flour, or it got too hot during the rising.  Whatever went wrong, my second attempt turned out less like a ‘roll’ or loaf of bread, and more like ciabatta bread instead… not that I’m complaining…

Second Attempt, Parmesan Oregano (ciabatta) bread

Second Attempt, Parmesan Oregano (ciabatta) bread

As you can see, the loaves spread OUT instead of UP, and I forgot to make the fancy slits in the top like I did the first time, but it still turned out edible… and eat it I did!  I waited ALL DAY and even made a special trip to the store to buy the right type of lunchmeat to make a Subway Club (I also bought the meat for a Cold Cut Combo for my Love).  I will admit that the resulting sandwich didn’t really taste like a Subway Club (although my ‘mishap’ with my second round of bread may have contributed to this) but boy oh boy was it a tasty sandwich!


Now THIS is a sandwich!

Now THIS is a sandwich!

If you will notice, I made the picture big so you could see in detail all the delicious goodness that I created!  Yes, I know there’s enough mayo on the sandwich to choke a goat… in fact, I actually say that when I order a sub from Subway.  I hate a dry sandwich.  Mayo, onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles, ham, roast beef, and turkey… and that yummy homemade Parmesan Oregano (accidentally ciabatta-esque) Bread!

As a final note about my bread… my house smelled like Subway the whole day, LOL… so now I guess I know which of their breads gives off that aroma!

Oh, and an update on my babies!  I’ve had a few more sprouts come up, one of my bean plants is just going to town!  After their initial growth spurts, they seem to have slowed down a bit.  I’ll try to get some pictures up either later today or tomorrow to show everyone how they’re doing.

Have a great day!

Restoring Faith In Humanity Part II – Taking Action

11 Aug
Welcome Note

Welcome Note

Yesterday, in my post Restoring Faith In Humanity, I challenged others to commit one Random Act of Kindness, and stated that I would be committing my own and posting about it later.  Well, it’s now time to share what I chose to do! Continue reading

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