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Ode to Spring (and Art)

17 Mar
Example of my Springtime artwork. (Prints for sale! *wink*)

Example of my Springtime artwork. (Prints for sale! *wink*)


I feel you near

the air fairly vibrates

with anticipation.

Mother’s raiments

wait impatiently to unfurl

in celebration.

White blankets fade

deferring to your preference

for emerald and pastels.

Old man weakens,

a kinder sovereign takes charge,

giving birth to change. Continue reading

Beach Photography II

14 Oct

Here’s the more artistic pictures I took this weekend, some are the same photo just ‘worked’ different ways.  If you like surfing, you’ll probably enjoy these.  If you missed the first Beach Photography post, be sure to check it out.

(Clicking any image will open an enlarged view, right-clicking and choosing ‘open in a new tab’ will save you from having to continuously use the ‘back’ button.)


SepiaSurferCopyrighted Continue reading

Beach Photography

14 Oct

So, I had a great weekend at the beach, even though it was cloudy and rainy most of the time.  I did manage to get a few decent pictures, though, so without further ado:

(Click to view larger image, right-click to open image in a new tab.)  Don’t forget to check out Beach Photography II when you’re finished for more photos!

Pelicans in flight, early morning.

Pelicans in flight, early morning.

Continue reading

Purple Universe

1 Oct

Okay… my last few posts have been pretty heavy, in the emotional sense, so I’m going to lighten things up a bit.

Last week, I did some meditation and ‘saw’ some stuff in my mind that I wanted to draw so I didn’t forget, and, well, let’s just say that it didn’t do the picture in my head justice, LOL!  So, I decided that I would attempt to obtain some skills in Graphic Art type stuff.  So, I played around following a few tutorials on YouTube, and came up with the following picture.

Just thought I share it with you all.  It’s nothing spectacular, but it was fun to make. 🙂

Purple Universe

Purple Universe

I used GIMP to make it, which is a program like Photoshop, except it’s free… and if it’s free, it’s for me! 😉

Art & Life Updates, A Fire In My Kitchen

18 Sep

I know I’ve been all over the map lately, and I apologize for that, however, my life has been all over the map, so of course my blog will reflect that. 🙂

I’m excited to get my hands on the 4×5 set of my artwork that I ordered the other day (it should be in either today or tomorrow).  I’m excited to see how it looks, and to get it in an album to show off to people, and to show potential buyers what I’ve got.

I managed to get a few more photos that have potential to be turned into artwork, but as of yet, I haven’t had a chance to upload them to my computer, much less work with them. Continue reading

Am I ‘Officially’ An Artist Now?

31 Aug

So, a friend of ours came by last night, and she’s been telling me for a few weeks now that she had something ‘up her sleeve’ regarding my art, and has been very excited about it while at the same time leaving me in total suspense.  She has finally shared what the big secret was, and she is opening up an art gallery-like business, but instead of just being art, it will have all sorts of artistic mediums, including jewelry, etc., and she has asked me if I would be interested in being one of the artists whose art they will be displaying on the walls (and for sale)!

I’m extremely excited about this, and it means I will have to pick out, print, mount and frame several pieces.  No one except my mother has ever wanted to display my artwork before, so I am very excited about this opportunity!

It will surely be a few weeks or months before the work is hung, but when it is, I’ll be sure to post a picture of it!

That’s all, I just wanted to share that bit of exciting news with all of my wonderful followers and friends!

Point Me In The Right Direction?

17 Aug

Hi, guys.  I’m sorry to put this out here on you, but I really don’t know where else to turn.

As you see, I just posted about my art and my decision to donate 25% of my proceeds to charity/acts of kindness.  What I need your help with (in the form of suggestions, tips, pointers, etc.) is how to get people interested enough in my artwork to want to purchase it?

I figured already that I would need to have matted (at the minimum) copies of several pieces to show prospective buyers, but what else can/should I be doing to help generate more sales?  My town doesn’t really have a lot of festivals and things where starving, unknown artists can set up a table and peddle their wares (or if they do, they’ve kept the secret really well!)  I already plan to create a website, also, as soon as I (again!) make enough sales to cover the cost of a domain name and the services of a website designer.

So how about it?  Anyone have any ideas on how to help me generate sales?

Art With A Heart – Giving Back

17 Aug

Art With A Heart

I’ve decided to donate 25% of the purchase price of my art to either charity or committing acts of kindness.

Everyone I’ve spoken to about how to price my art has told me to take my production cost and multiply it by three, and that should be my sale price.  While I obviously need the production cost to produce more artwork, the remaining 2/3 of the price is for my time, equipment upkeep, etc. so obviously, at least for the equipment part, I need to keep some money for myself, and I need to pay a few bills.  Outside of that, I don’t need the money, personally, and I think it would be a great idea to use that money for doing good.  (I should note here that the first few sales will need to all go back into production cost, because I can’t afford to professionally ‘produce’ more than one at a time at the moment, and having several on hand to show prospective local buyers is likely to garner more sales in the end than having just one- I figure the first four ought to cover it.)

I’ve decided to split that 25% into two parts, and donate the first half to charity and the second half to committing acts of kindness (or do you guys think I should just put all of it toward charity?  Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!)

One of my favorite charities of all time is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  If you can afford treatment or are insured, you of course are charged, but if a child is sick and their family doesn’t have the money to pay for treatment, they are not turned away, they are treated thanks to donations from people all over the country.  It is absolutely one of the most worthy causes I know of, and is the first charity to which I will donate through sales of my art.

Below are examples of my artwork.  All of my work comes from my own photographs, which I then digitally alter in a series of steps (sometimes more than 50 different processes) to arrive at the end result.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my art, please feel free to contact me at kraftedkhaos@gmail.com for pricing information or details.  All art will come matted and in a protective sleeve.  I have others, and there are more to come.  Please share this with anyone you know who may be interested in participating, or may simply be interested in my type of artwork.  I will have a website as soon as I have sold a few pieces and can afford to purchase a domain name and pay someone to create it for me.  At the moment, I can only accept Paypal (or cash if you’re local).

You can click (or right-click to open in a new tab or window) to see enlarged views (some of these definitely lose something in the translation, so I apologize).

The very last picture is the one I gave to my mom as a gift… don’t blame me for the frame, she picked it out, I just gave it to her matted… but it at least gives an idea of what they look like off screen. 🙂

Mystery of Life

Mystery of Life

Psychedelic Shroom

Psychedelic Shroom

Uplifting Outlook

Uplifting Outlook



Star Attraction

Star Attraction

Technical Tulip

Technical Tulip



My artwork, in a really bad frame!

My artwork, in a really bad frame!

Inspiration – Get it? Got it? Good.

31 Jul
English: A palette of watercolours and a brush...

English: A palette of watercolours and a brush. Deutsch: Wasserfarben und Pinsel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning, I was causally going through my reader, when I came across a blog post I had seen yesterday, glanced at the excerpt, and somehow gotten distracted and not actually read.  Having the time now, I clicked on it.  Oh, happy day!  What a joy to read! 

The other day, I had pulled out my old acrylics and decided I’d try to paint a picture.  I decided I’d stick to abstract, since it requires less drawing skills (of which I sorely lack, outside of the occasional stroke of luck), and it turned out terrible.  I put the paper down, washed out my brushes and said to myself, “Well, that was just as bad as I thought it was going to be. ” and left the room.  I haven’t touched my paints since, because in my mind, I’d just reiterated to myself the fact that I can’t paint worth a damn.

While I was reading this post, my mind flashed to those paints, and that horrible painting, and I actually wanted to try again.  I actually wanted to paint a bad picture.  It had done what I have been unable to do for myself my entire life… Continue reading

Record Highs

31 Jul
Thank you

Thank you (Photo credit: Avard Woolaver)

I’d like to send out a little thank you to all of my subscribers, as well as those of you who stopped by my blog yesterday for a visit.  You really made my day!  Thanks to you all, yesterday was a record high for Free, Fun or Interesting, surpassing my previous ‘Best Ever Views’ by nearly 35%  and the number of followers is also at a record high.  I will spare you the reenactment of the happy dance I did when I saw my stats this morning.

I truly appreciate all of you taking the time to read and/or comment, and for putting up with a plethora of subject matter.  The fact that you guys put up with my special brand of crazy really means a lot to me, and I hope that, even though my topics are all over the map, you continue to find something worth reading here for a long time to come!

Thanks again, and you all are awesome!

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