Addiction – in verse

16 Jul

I Knew Him When

That guy over there?
I’ll tell you friend
you may not believe me
but I knew him when.

If you’re not in a hurry
and have a minute or two
I’ll tell you a little story
about a guy I  once knew.

He was nowhere near perfect
but he held his head up high,
not because he was special
he was just a regular guy.

But this guy had a code-
a moral compass, if you will
Be a true friend, be honest,
don’t cheat people, don’t steal,

If something needs doing,
do it – don’t slack;
and if he ever borrowed money
you could bet he’d pay it back.

He could get a little rowdy
on the occasional Saturday night,
but I can’t say that I blame him
We’ve all been there, right?

He had a good job,
two sons and a wife,
all in all you could say
it was a fairly good life.

He was the first of his siblings
to own his own home,
and it’s really all his,
if you don’t count the loan.

But then something happened,
it was subtle- at first.
I guess it started for fun
but then it got worse.

When no one was looking
Recreation became habit
and the guy I knew disappeared
like a magician’s rabbit.

I won’t bore you with the details
It should suffice to say
the man he used to be
is not the man you see today.

It’s hard to catch a glimpse of him
in a gesture or a look
It’s like finding an empty jacket cover
and realizing someone stole the book.

I’ll tell you friend, it’s really changed
the way I look at others.
Where I once saw just another addict,
now all I see is someone’s brother.

They used to have no face, no story
just addiction and hard years.
Now all I see when I look at them
are a mother’s heartbroken tears.

Some of them, though I don’t know which,
have a sister- just like me,
who miss their brother and want him back
the way he used to be.

It’s true my friend, the man you see
he used to be another.
The man you see is a junkie, an addict,
but he used to be my brother.


This work is copyrighted, please ask permission of the author (myself) to use or reproduce, in whole or in part, with the exception of sharing/posting on-line (in it’s entirety) with proper credit given, including a link back to this page/site.  All other uses prohibited without express written permission.


2 Responses to “Addiction – in verse”

  1. astraltravler July 16, 2014 at 11:23 am #

    My Dear Sister,
    This brought tears to my eyes..because addiction affects our family. It wasn’t until our family member recognized his addiction and sought treatment. What he failed to see is the people that love and support him were the ones he hurt the most. This was not done intentionally. The addiction took over and he became someone else. I’m please to say he has been sober, and works everyday on his sobriety. This is a life long process not only for him, but for us too.
    Sending you Love & Light.
    Anastasia 😊


    • KraftedKhaos July 16, 2014 at 9:58 pm #

      I completely understand what you mean, Anastasia, because my family is going through this currently… unfortunately, with more than one person, so the effect is magnified in triplicate. As much as it hurts, what hurts the most is the inability to FIX it, unless/until the individuals themselves find the desire to change within themselves. I often find myself straddling a thin line between anger and sadness, as well as gratitude, since it could just has easily been me.

      Thank you for being a constant reader, even though I’m not a constant writer 🙂 and your kind words always lift me up.




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