GipsyDharma… I am in love!

25 Apr - I'm in love! – I’m in love!

Ok, people.  You know I don’t often (actually, have I ever?) make clothes/fashion posts, but this time, I’ve just got to make an exception.  Today I came across the most AMAZING boots (and some oh-so-adorable leather skirts) that I just have to share!

The boots (and skirts!) not only look uber-comfy, but they also look like the most adorable pixie or fairy or forest sprite footwear ever!

The company is called GipsyDharma and they make these gorgeous boots from sustainable leather sources (sustainable means that animals are not killed for their hides to make the items, according to the site).  Based out of the UK, the boots range in height from ankle-high to above the knee, and range in price from ~$216.00 (ankle) – ~$386.00 (above the knee) USD.

If you’re a cheapskate, like myself, you might find yourself cringing at that dollar amount, but after a few minutes thinking on it, it’s not really that outrageous.  I have a pair of just-below-the-knee mass produced leather boots that were originally around $200.00 USD (of course, I bought them on sale, because I’m a cheapskate 😉 ) and that’s a pretty fair price, I think.  These boots are hand-made, every pair.  They’re made to (over time) mold to the wearer’s feet and legs, and feel like a second skin.

They come in an amazingly wide variety of color choices too, as you can see in the photo above.  I would have posted more photos of the boots (and the sexy skirts!) but I didn’t want to infringe on the copyrights of the company or photographer for their stuff… all the close-ups and varieties are on their site if you’re interested in them.  I only chose this photo because it’s one they posted on FB for their GIVEAWAY (which is how I found out about them in the first place) so I figured that with their site so boldly across the center of the photo, it would be okay for me to use this one.

No, this company has not asked me to advertise for them, No I haven’t received product or monetary compensation for this post.  I simply saw something I am in love love love with and wanted to share it with everyone.  YES, these boots (and one of those skirts!) are now on my wish list!

As a final note, she (I am assuming they’re a she, but it could very well be ‘he’) recommends closely reading the FAQ page before making any orders, to avoid sizing errors and thereby avoid costly shipping for exchanges.

Now if I can just find some pixie dust, I’ll be set…


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