Ode to Spring (and Art)

17 Mar
Example of my Springtime artwork. (Prints for sale! *wink*)

Example of my Springtime artwork. (Prints for sale! *wink*)


I feel you near

the air fairly vibrates

with anticipation.

Mother’s raiments

wait impatiently to unfurl

in celebration.

White blankets fade

deferring to your preference

for emerald and pastels.

Old man weakens,

a kinder sovereign takes charge,

giving birth to change.

Don’t panic, my friends.  I haven’t run off on you again so soon!  Hope you enjoyed the poem.  It’s rough, but it was just a spur of the moment thing.

I’m so looking forward to Spring!  We had more snow during the Winter Olympic games than Sochi, and since then, we’ve had a lovely alternation between 70F for a few days, then more snow.  While I am admittedly not a fan of Summer, I do enjoy the Spring weather (if not the pollen) and the Fall.

I love taking pictures of the flowers blooming, and all of the animals that become so active once the cold freeze of Winter is through.  So much color and vibrancy is irresistible to the photographer in me.  Plus, the spring photos usually turn out the best for my artwork, which is derived from my photography.

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