Does The Clock Control Your Compassion?

12 Mar

ClockIf you’ve followed me for a while, or paged through my posts, you may or may not have noticed the fact that I almost never reblog posts from other people’s pages (I believe I may have reblogged one post out of nearly 100).  Part of this is because I strongly feel that my blog should consist of my own work, not just be a showcase for other people’s writing.  Another reason is that if a post has enough of an impact on me that I consider reblogging it, then I usually have plenty of commentary about it.  My preferred method of sharing the work of others that provokes a response from me is by writing about it, and linking to it.  I ran across one such post today on a blog I greatly enjoy reading, Cauldrons and Cupcakes, entitled Lessons on Waiting and Being Delayed.

Often, we get so caught up in our daily lives and to-do lists that we forget that other people are more than just obstacles we must navigate around.  We have become numb to the pain and suffering of our fellow man, and our ability to empathize has atrophied to the point that it is only engaged by those who occupy our immediate circle of friends and family, and those rare moments when we’re unable to turn our heads from the abject suffering on our television screens.

Sadly, compassion is now weighed against our wallets and our watches.  I am as guilty of this as anyone else.  I’ve turned a blind eye and a deaf ear many times because I’ve let the clock dictate my capacity for compassion.  I don’t always use time as my excuse.  Sometimes I turn to cynicism to justify my apathy.  We find that it is easier to believe the worst and do nothing, or be angry about a situation, rather than have compassion, but by doing this, we rob the many who need it of our help, just to avoid giving a minute or a dollar to someone who doesn’t really ‘deserve’ it.

Sometimes the reason we are held up, put behind, or put upon isn’t clear to us, and we take it as a personal insult to our importance, but it could be that someone else’s need was greater than our own at that time.  Perhaps your guardian angel is just looking out for you in ways you can’t see.  Not more than a month ago, my mother was on the phone with me while she was driving (hands-free!), complaining that she was stuck behind a slowpoke on her drive home when she rounded a curve and a cop was sitting there running radar.  If she hadn’t been behind that ‘slow’ driver (who was actually doing the speed limit) she would have been doing about 60 in a 45 when she rounded the bend, by her own admission.

We may not always see in such clear, immediate ways why something happens the way it does, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a reason.

I encourage you all to click the link and read the post that inspired this short commentary, and to make compassion a conscious part of your day.

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