Visions – Outside Source or Higher Self?

26 Feb
Uplifting Outlook - Original Art by the Author

Uplifting Outlook – Original Art by the Author

Have you ever had one of those moments that just blows your mind?  Last night, I did.

No, not that kind of mind blowing moment.

About a year ago, I had a… let’s just call it a vision, shall we?  I’ll just plead the fifth about how it came about.  Suffice it to say I had an interesting conversation that I thought was with myself, but after what I found out last night, I’m not so sure.

Let me set the scene.

I was asking questions of this ‘source’, trying to find out some answers about myself, my life, and I was told that some issues I was having was because (and I’m using the ‘source’s’ terms here)

“we each have two ‘selves’ inside of us, a lower self and a higher self.  Our lower selves control our base survival instincts, like our fight or flight responses, and our higher selves control our logic, our more advanced states of mind and being.  The things you have gone through have caused your lower self to become locked into the ‘on’ position, taking over from your higher self out of self-protection, causing you to immediately respond to situations using your lower self, instead of your higher, more evolved self.”

I asked this ‘source’ (which, after the vision, I assumed was my own higher self, communicating with me at this time because it was able to finally get past my locked in ‘lower self’) how I could flip the switch back to where it was supposed to be and I was told


So, fast forward to last night, I was sitting here, watching some videos on You Tube about goal setting, which slowly transformed into me watching videos about how our brain works when we set goals the right way (a lot of these were videos of a Dr. Sriri Pillay, and were utterly fascinating, by the way) when I ran across a video of a radio show out of the UK called The Moore Show, being interviewed was a man named Neil Slade, who was discussing the Amygdala, what it does, and the different parts of the brain (Neil Slade Brain Magic – Tickle Your Amygdala) and what followed was a lesson on how the brain, especially the Amygdala, works.

He told about how the human brain actually contains two ‘brains’, the reptilian brain, which controls base functions like body temperature, fight or flight response, respiration, heart rate… basically, survival; and the premedial(sp?) cortex, or the frontal lobe, which contains our more highly evolved functions like compassion and empathy.

It didn’t immediately strike me exactly why all of this was sounding so familiar, until I saw a video (the part I’m talking about starts at 2:00 into the video) about how the Amygdala can get ‘stuck’ in the ‘on’ position after periods of undergoing high, continuous amounts of stress, causing our reptilian brain to believe this is the normal response to stress or anxiety.


Suddenly, the lights were going on upstairs.  This was sounding so familiar because I already knew what he was saying!  I’d already been told all of this a year ago, during my vision.  It had been worded a little differently, but still, it was the same information.

Was it my own ‘higher’ self that had been talking to me in my vision, or some other ‘source’ that this information came from?

As far as I can recall, I didn’t know this information previously, although I know that a lot of times, we know things we don’t even know that we know.  Stuff we’ve heard but didn’t actually pay attention to still gets stored in our memories.  Is it possible I’d heard this information before, but didn’t remember hearing it?  Some of it, sure.  It’s quite possible I’d heard in school or somewhere that we have a reptilian brain and a more advanced brain and what they control, but I am almost 100% certain I didn’t know about the Amygdala, it’s function, or that it can get stuck in the ‘on’ position.  I never took advanced science classes, I definitely never took any classes in psychology (one semester of college doesn’t really get you into any classes like that, I’m afraid) or brain function.

While I may never know if the ‘source’ of my vision was truly just me talking to myself, or talking to some other ‘source’ of knowledge outside of myself, what I do know is that it’s pretty obvious to me that what I saw and heard was right on point, and I should seriously start thinking about doing some meditation.

Like I said, last night was mind-blowing.

I highly recommend the video to anyone interested in how the brain works, or anyone interested in Extra Sensory Perception, because he also touches on that, as well, and its connection to the frontal lobes.

Absolutely fascinating stuff.

I’d love it if my dear friend Spirit, author of the blog Spirits and the Paranormal – Don’t Be Afraid would chime in with her thoughts on this, as well as anyone else who has thoughts, opinions or your own experiences along these lines.

Share your thoughts!

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