Update: The Miracle of Life

10 Sep

Well, here’s an update for about my babies, compared to what they (it, actually, since there was only one at that time) looked like on 9-8-13.

There’s been lots of activity on the sprout front, having several grow up, and the following pictures were taken on 9-9-13, so a mere 24 hours after the first post photos were taken.

Tomato Sprout 1, Day 2

Tomato Sprout 1, Day 2

Tomato Sprout 3, Day 1

Tomato Sprout 3, Day 1

Tomato Sprout 2, Day 1

Tomato Sprout 2, Day 1

Aren’t they just ADORABLE?  Here’s a picture of all three of them together:

The Tomato 'Triplets'

The Tomato ‘Triplets’

They’re just SO cute!  Those white cups on the side are green beans that I started yesterday (and as of now, one has already sprouted out of its shell!) on a wet cottonball, because I wanted to be able to watch them grow, instead of it all happening underneath dirt, where I couldn’t see what was going on!

There’s also a little baby Dill sprout which came up right before we went to sleep, and here he is:

Baby Dill 1, Day 1

Baby Dill 1, Day 1

You have to look VERY closely to see her, she’s almost dead center in the photograph.

If you’re wondering what that odd reddish tint is on top of the soil on all my plants, it’s cinnamon.  Turns out my soil has Fungus Gnat eggs in it, and the cinnamon is supposed to kill the fungus that the larvae feed on.  I was quite upset to discover this, but I’m hoping that the preventative measures I’m taking will make the soil at least mostly pest free.  I also am watering with a solution of 1 part Hydrogen Peroxide and 4 parts water, because I found in my research that the solution is supposed to kill the larvae on contact.  It definitely seems to have reduced their number.

I don’t have pictures of them, but there was also a second Dill sprout and a Spring Onion sprout that came up on 9-9-13, as well!

I also planted the heads of three Spring Onions that were hiding deep in the bowels of my fridge.  You can plant the heads you cut off the ends, and they will re-grow into new onion plants!

So, as of now, I have planted:

7 cloves of garlic (so far, 0 sprouted),

5 green beans (so far 1 sprouted),

6 spring onions (so far 1 sprouted),

3 Tomato plants (3 sprouted),

3 Dill plants (2 sprouted)

I hope you enjoyed this little update on my babies!

6 Responses to “Update: The Miracle of Life”

  1. astraltravler September 10, 2013 at 1:02 pm #

    Dear K.K.,
    Congratulations My “Green Thumb” Friend. isn’t is a Wonderful feeling : )


    • KraftedKhaos September 10, 2013 at 1:26 pm #

      Yes, especially since I’ve always considered myself to have a brown thumb ^_^


  2. f0nq September 11, 2013 at 2:51 pm #

    very cool. have you thought about trying moringa oleifera? I’m starting some now, will post pictures at http://gr0wmaster.wordpress.com. It’s a tropical tree, so it freezes outside if I grow it here.


    • KraftedKhaos September 11, 2013 at 3:14 pm #

      Right now I’m concentrating mainly on edibles like veggies and herbs, because I get great satisfaction out of picturing being able to consume the fruits of my labor, but once I have more room outside in the sunshine (my ENTIRE yard is shady, so no veggies will grow out there) I may look into more plants/bushes/shrubs 🙂



  1. moringa sprouts | gr0wmaster - September 11, 2013

    […] security confiscating my seeds as weapons of mass destruction or some such nonsense.  These sprouts are only a few days […]


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