The Woman Behind The Keyboard

18 Aug

aka, Meet the Author

Hey, guys!  I just thought that perhaps it was time to give you all a peek behind the ‘curtain’ so to speak.  Give you a face to put with the words.  (Photos at the end of the post)

I’m not especially good at talking about myself, but I’ll start with the basics.  I just turned 33 recently.  I don’t have children, and I don’t expect to at this point.  I was married for a little over 5 years in my early twenties, and divorced by 27.  Nothing wrong with the guy, other than he just wasn’t the one for me;  I was in love with the idea of being married, and jumped the gun.  Currently, I am working on two years with a wonderful man who I adore very much, and we live together in a home we rent not far outside of Richmond, VA along with a housemate that he’s known since high school.

I’ve lived in this area all of my life, but I dream of traveling and exploring the world, with Great Britain being at the top of my list (Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales… in that order), along with Germany and New Zealand.  There are a few others that I’m interested in going to, but I’m a little afraid to travel to countries where English isn’t commonly spoken (or at least known).  I always wanted to learn German, and for a while, I tried to teach myself, but that didn’t work out so well. 🙂

My favorite charity is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, because they never turn away anyone just because they can’t pay for treatment.  I think that’s awesome, and I’ve loved and supported this charity/hospital since I was a very small child and heard my first donation drive on the radio… the station (K95), for about several days to a week, used to (and perhaps still does) do a drive, and I remember the first time I was old enough to understand what I was hearing, I was very small, and asked my mom if I could call in to donate a dollar.  I remember how happy I was when she said yes, and allowed me to call the station to tell them my donation.  I will always remember that.

I grew up surrounded by brothers and almost all male cousins, so I’m basically a tomboy, but now that I’m older, I do like to get dressed up once in a while.  I was raised in the country, and it’s where I prefer to be, but since moving to where I live now, I’ve discovered that there are some positive points to living in suburbia as well, but I sure do miss my space and privacy.

In person, I’m fairly shy when it comes to approaching people, but if they approach me, I open right up.  I’m fiercely protective of my family and those I care about, and will fight for them to my last breath.  I’m also extremely protective of those who cannot protect themselves, including children, the elderly and animals.  I’m like a S’more… a tough cookie on the outside, and sweet, gooey marshmallow in the inside, lol.

I like to write, draw, take and edit pictures, and get interested in a different craft just about every week (I’ve given my disorder the name C.A.D.D., which stands for Creative Attention Deficit Disorder).

But, enough talk about me.  A picture is worth 1000 words, so they say, so, here’s a picture of me mugging for the camera about a month ago, dressed up (for me, anyway) and one of me and my Love at the amusement park this past Tuesday 🙂

On The Ferris Wheel

On The Ferris Wheel

Clowning Around

Clowning Around













So here’s the proof, I really do exist! 🙂

2 Responses to “The Woman Behind The Keyboard”

  1. spiritchild1972 August 18, 2013 at 4:29 am #

    Your exactly like I saw you in my head. EXACTLY!!!! 🙂 Even Your Love is exactly how I saw them Oooh I love being Psychic 🙂 You beautiful woman you. But don’t worry ALL European Countries speak English, they are taught it in Schools. Germans are very good at speaking English as the The Swedes, Fins etc…I’ve not had any trouble communicating with them. The French mostly refuse to speak it to the Americans and English for some reason BUT if your friendly and at least try to speak French they appreciate it and help you out. But nowadays with translator Apps and stuff it’s not really an issue. One of my dearest friends is German so I know for a fact the Germans speak very good English. So travel away. Just be careful when you go to New Zealand because you will most get drunk and eat great pies hahaha If you do go to NZ let me know ad I will give you a trillion safe houses to go to up and down the country should you need it. It’s always good to have contacts incase you get lost or have any issues and being from NZ, well my Whanua te Eho (family and friends) will be only too happy to help a friend of mine out, Australia also, I have a two nephews and two nieces spread out around the place as well as a dear family friend and if I said to them ‘look after my girl’ they would. Of course when you come to the UK you will stay with me and your accomadation is taken care of, when you want to travel about the UK I will book it for you all from here because it is cheaper doing it here than in your home country. So basically, I will look after you where ever you may go because us Kiwis are like Ants lol we are everywhere and know someone somewhere lol


    • KraftedKhaos August 18, 2013 at 4:45 am #

      Yeah, I wasn't worried about Germany at all, I've met quite a few and they all spoke better English than half the yahoos that live around here, LOL. I love German, and I dearly wish that I could speak it, but my brain never remembers the words. I used to watch Germany's version of QVC (the channel they sell stuff on, on TV) online, and try to understand what they were saying, because it's very conversational, and they talk about so many things. I would get maybe one word out of 60, and that was back when I was studying… I'd be lucky for one out of 160 now, LOL.

      I've decided that what little I will have left over from my art after production cost, donating and paying a bill, I will put a small amount of money aside just for travel. It might take forever and a day, but I am bound and determined to go somewhere!

      I used to say Australia was in my top 'want to travel' locations, but I replaced it a few years ago with NZ, because I liked the look of it more. AUS is still on the list, but it got bumped down, lol.

      Glad you liked the pictures 🙂 They're one of my first steps toward no longer living in fear (I will explain more fully in private if you want to know about it), and I'm proud of myself for posting them.


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