Pity The Sun (A ‘Be Kind To Yourself’ Comment Rebuttal)

13 Aug

Moon (Photo credit: shahbasharat)

I could not let this pass quietly in the comments.

My dear friend… you may not be able to see your worth, but please, allow me to share with you how the rest of us see you.

The following comment was made in response to this post, I generally don’t publicize people’s comments this way, but I didn’t want to let my response fall quietly by the wayside.  My friend does not quietly offer support to others, she does so boldly and so I boldly do the same.  Even though she’ll hate it, lol.  I’m sure we all know several people who feel less than enthusiastic about themselves.  Many of us feel this same way about ourselves, too.  I’d like to offer my response to this comment as something we should remind each other of whenever we are being down on ourselves. 

It’s all a matter of perspective.

You, my dear, have no need of polishing.  Your presence is a gift to the world, just as you are.

Should the moon feel inadequate when compared to the sun?  Sure, the sun shines brightly and, by comparison, the moon’s presence is dim and frail, yet who can look unshielded at the sun?  It’s very brightness prevents appreciation.  Indeed, we shield ourselves from its intensity, whereas the moon, with its gentle glow, is the subject of song and poetry.  No one ever dreamed of walking on the surface of the sun.  They don’t lie in the grass and stare at the sun, hoping and wishful, holding hands.  It doesn’t inspire dreams or stories.  The sun, although able to banish the darkness cannot, by its very nature, be a beacon in the darkness for those trying to find their way.  But the moon can, and she does.  Her surface, although pitted and cratered, is the stuff of legend.  A piece of her, dull and dusty though it may be, is worth more than even the biggest, shiniest diamond.  She is approachable, therefore ultimately more desirable than the sun, whose very design makes it unapproachable, even deadly, if one gets too close.

YOU are a light in the darkness, softly lighting the path of those seeking to find a way in the night.  People are affected by your proximity; they are gently drawn to you, without understanding why, like the oceans are pulled by the moon.  Your light is a reflection of a greater light source, but you shine it where that light could never reach on its own.

You were not meant to shine like the sun because the sun gives life without getting close, but the moon… the moon is right there.  Directing.  Protecting.  Interacting with the Earth and its people in a way the sun will never know.

Indeed, all things considered, it is the sun who should be pitied, for as much as she is needed, she will never be loved like the moon.

And that, my friend, is how WE see you.  One of these days, you should ask Spirit if they can show you YOU through Mr.’s eyes.  🙂

Much love.


One Response to “Pity The Sun (A ‘Be Kind To Yourself’ Comment Rebuttal)”

  1. spiritchild1972 August 13, 2013 at 3:35 pm #

    You rotten girl lol But I love you for it. I’m embarrassed and humbled and stunned all at the same time.


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