A Perfect World – It Starts With You

30 Jul

utopia-after-boom (Photo credit: burningmax)

A perfect world.

I think most people have, at certain times in their lives, be that after indulging in some mind altering substances, or during upsetting events in our lives, consider either deeply or briefly, what a perfect world would be like.  Common thoughts on the subject are ‘In a perfect world, there would be no death’ or ‘In a perfect world, there would be no hunger’.  I’m feeling in a particularly philosophical mood today and would like to share my thoughts on the subject.

I do not believe that in a perfect world there would be no death.  I believe that in a perfect world, there would indeed be death, but we would understand that death was not the terrifying ordeal we currently perceive it to be.  I believe that we would have such a deep understanding of life, that death is seen as not only a necessity, but as a welcomed destination of one leg of the journey of our existence, a layover if you will, between way-points, and life the flight between layovers.  That we would not grieve for the departed, but instead rejoice that they have moved on to the next phase.  I believe that we would use the current ‘mourning’ phase as a ‘gratitude’ phase instead, appreciating the time we were allowed in this existence with that particular being, giving laughter and joy to them as parting gifts for the next leg of the journey instead of sorrow and tears.

I do not believe that in a perfect world there would be no hunger, either.  I believe it would exist, but when it was found, it would be rectified.  In a perfect world, when someone was found hungry, we -not only as individuals, but as communities as a whole- would not only feed that person, but investigate the cause behind the hunger, and work together to eradicate the cause.  If a man is found hungry beside the road, not only would he be given a sandwich, but when it was discovered that he was hungry because he’d fallen ill and was unable to work to provide a means for feeding himself, then he would also be nursed back to health and, once well, would be given a means by which to provide for himself again.

A perfect world does not mean that unfortunate events never occur, a perfect world is a world in which humanity has entered a higher state of consciousness that allows them to approach these unfortunate circumstances with compassion, love and understanding, having removed the barriers erected between each other that have been created as a result of a materialistic society, and replaced them with harmony and a commensal relationship between us and everything existing in the space we occupy at any given moment.

A perfect world won’t happen overnight; we won’t instantly awake to find ourselves in a utopia of peace and goodwill, but I believe that it isn’t as impossible as we have been led to believe; it starts with you, with me, with each decision we make whether to react with love toward our fellow man, or love toward ourselves.  When we all begin to choose the value of a person over the value of a dollar, that’s when we will begin to see that a perfect world begins with a perfect act.  Maybe with yours.

Have you created a perfect moment today?

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