The Helping Hands Project – Artists Unite!

26 Jul
Help Others

Help Others (Photo credit: Keoki Seu)

Please allow me a moment if you would, to introduce you to a fellow artist.

Born in Iceland in 1969, Artis considers himself a ‘visual artist’ and I would have to agree.  His photography is certainly a visual delight.  He’s spent a lifetime developing his personal style, which he calls ‘No-Rule Art’, about which he says, “I simply make my own path without any particular rules or guidelines. In that way I feel free in my creation of my work.”  As a producer of high quality photo art from Scandinavia and Europe, his love for not only his art medium, but for his subjects is made obvious in both the words he writes, and his work on display.

What differentiates Artis from the thousands of other blogs on the internet? you may ask.  His difference is in the way he has approached the dilemma we bloggers/artists face; that of being one of a million faces in a crowd.  I ran across his blog by seeing a post he had written, calling artists- whether you create your art with a camera, a paintbrush, or a typewriter- to come together and help one another.  To reach out a hand to others, and help promote and share our work as a united group, using our blogs to help spread exposure for one another; to share with our readers a glimpse of art/artists that they otherwise may not have run across in this enormous world of the internet.

Obviously, he promotes his own work, but what impressed me is that he takes the time to help share the work of others with his readers, to give them a glimpse of someone else’s creativity that they otherwise may never have been exposed to.   I saw, and answered, the call and would like to ask my readers to take a moment and visit his blog  and support this member of the creative community who is reaching out, past borders and past mediums, to offer others a ‘helping hand’.

I think his effort, which I have loosely named ‘The Helping Hands Project’, is a wonderful idea and I think that we should all follow the example Artis has set, and help out others if and when we can.  Don’t keep your readers all to yourself; spread the love, and it will come back to you tenfold.

My two favorite photos from his site are “The Seine” and “Leaves of Fire” and I highly recommend them as a jumping off point for exploring the work and words of this generous artist.


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