Fun – Grapes and Games

2 Jun
wine babes

wine babes (Photo credit: brendaj)

First off, I have to confess this isn’t my idea.  Some dear friends have been practicing this night of fun and intoxication since before I knew them, and, being a generally quiet and reserved soul, I wasn’t expecting to have a particularly good time the first time I attended, but I was wrong.  When you gather 20 or more people into a two-bedroom apartment living-room, uncork 15 bottles of wine and break out some obnoxiously silly game, the good times just can’t help but roll!

Personally, I’m not a big wine drinker, I’ve got an abysmally unsophisticated palette, and anything other than the cheapest dessert wine tastes like garbage to me.   (Blackberry Arbor Mist, you’ve got my name written all over you!)  But when you add together a group of friends, flowing wine, a bit of cheese and crackers, and games of
your choice, I promise you, you’ve got the recipe for a really good time.

I believe the fun lies in the fact that wine (not liquor) is the beverage of choice.  While the crowd can get a little rambunctious at times, it doesn’t tend to cross that line into obnoxious oblivion like it does at parties or gatherings with liquor.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against liquor.  I’m a vodka & Red Bull girl when I’m out on the town, but it’s definitely a different atmosphere.

As far as games, my favorite memory is of playing Flux, the Monty Python version.  Now that was a fun night.  When we played, I’d never seen a Monty Python movie before (Le gasp! I know.  I was terribly sheltered as a child.  Hence my current deviance.), it was still a lot of fun.

If you’re looking for a little summer evening fun, call all your friends, tell them to grab a bottle of wine, some snackage, and their favorite card or board game, and bring their asses.  You won’t regret it!

Suggested Items to have, or ask friends to bring:

  • Wine
  • Wine glasses
  • corkscrew
  • wine-glass charms
  • wine stoppers
  • snacks/finger foods
  • card games, board games, made-up games
  • spot-cleaner for those inevitable spills
  • napkins & paper plates for food
  • soda/ice for those not drinking wine
  • a butt-receptacle if there will be smokers present
  • a cooler & some more ice if you won’t have room in the fridge to chill wine

I’d like to offer special thanks to L&E for opening up your home every few weeks to the lot of us.  We couldn’t ask for nicer hosts or friends!


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